Pete Raab – Man on Mars & Imapaired Driving

We traveled down to Merrick to see Long Island Students get a lesson in the effects of driving while impaired. They were equipt with impairment goggles as they drove peddle quads around various obstical courses while trying to perform tasks such as answering text messages and dealing with passengers. Local figherfighters also demonstrated how a tool known as the “Jaws of Life” is used to free a trapped person in a vehicle that was in an accident.

We also traveled around Old Westbury to see what people thought about trying to land humans on Mars. There was a balanced opinion as some people thought it was a great idea for America to further explore the universe and expand our knowledge, and others believed that the issues facing us on earth where much more important. The topic was brought up after News Day reported that Buzz Aldrin believed it would be a great achievement for President Obama to land a man on Mars.

You can catch complete coverage of these stories and others by tuning into LI News Tonight on channel 18 at 7pm or Fios1 at 10:45pm.


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