Nicole Purcell-Voting Machines in a LI Middle School

Who would have thought that voting machines would ever be used by someone under 18 years of age? Well at Lawrence Road Middle School in Hempstead, they were able to use voting machines for their student government elections. The Board of Election officials let the school borrow the machines in hope for the students to be better educated in the voting process. Also they feel that this will intice the students to want to vote once they are at the legal age.

This story was very interesting for a new upcoming reporter. I was a little nervous interviewing middle schoolers because I didnt want to be too confusing with my questions and I wanted to make them feel more comfortable as well. But in the process of trying to ease their nervousness, it made me nervous as well. Go figure. Overall, I felt that the shoot went well, we were in and out just like news should be. Go in shoot your story, come back, write up your script, edit, and air it. Too bad its easier said than done. This field of work is not easy, however, it is most rewarding when you  see your finished product and when you’re having fun at “work”.

Take care and thanks for dropping by,

                   Nicole Purcell


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